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About Us

Mission Statement

"To promote cross country skiing by delivering leadership and skill development programs that encourage fun, fitness and healthy lifestyles for all Nova Scotians "

Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia (CCSNS) is the governing body of cross country skiing in the province of Nova Scotia.

CCSNS is a member of Cross Country Ski Canada, the national sport governing body.

CCSNS is a non-profit organization. Its funding is generated through Nova Scotia's department of Health Promotion and Protection, along with grants from Sport Nova Scotia, sponsors, and membership fees.

Who is Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia?

Annual elected Executive formulate and implement the policies and programs of the organization.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President:  John Cameron
Past President:  Tim Caroll
Secretary:  Madeline Lawler
Treasurer:  Chris Algar
Awards Coordinator:  Doug Theedom
Instructor and Coach Development:  Daniel Murray
Promotions:  Kate Venas
Recreation and Club Events:  Ike Whitehead

Members at Large - Cape Breton Nordic Ski Club:  Tom Steele
Members at Large - Friends of Ellenwood Park:  Sharon Sullivan

Members at Large - Halifax Nordic Ski Club:  Lorenzo Caterini, Ron Mitchell
Staff:  Amanda Bradshaw

Why does it exist?

  • To promote and encourage the sport/recreation of cross country skiing in the province
  • To provide and maintain rules and regulations for cross country skiing in the province
  • To encourage and foster general public support of the activities and programs of CCSNS in the province
  • A resource centre for the membership and the general public
  • To select and train members of the provincial team to represent the province

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